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Ask Ruth

Ask Ruth

Ask Ruth is a monthly column by Ruth Gilmore PhD, covering Yoga-related medical sciences. Ruth was a full-time lecturer in Physiology, and then Anatomy, at Queen’s University, Belfast. She now lectures part-time at the university, to allow her to devote more time to Yoga.

Ruth is also a Yoga teacher with her own studio – Ruth’s Yoga Place – in Belfast, and is well-known for her skill in relating anatomy and physiology to Yoga in simple, easy to understand terms. She contributes to a number of courses and teaches regularly in London on the Yoga Biomedical Trust’s (YBT) Yoga Therapy Diploma course, as well as running workshops and seminars.

Ask Ruth deals with questions raised by readers of Yoga & Health about Yoga, anatomy/physiology and Yoga-linked medical problems.

April’s Ask Ruth answers a question from a teacher on ilio-tibial band syndrome (ITB), which is a ribbon-like thickening of the deep fascia covering the muscles on the outer side of the thigh.

If you would like to ask Ruth a question about Yoga, anatomy, physiology or yoga-linked medical problems please write to ASK RUTH c/o PO Box 16969, London E1W 1FY or to email, CLICK HERE