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Best Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners

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Best Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners

Even if you’re taking fitness to a whole new level, it’s never too early to start getting your home set up for exercise. There’s nothing worse than waking up, heading to the gym, or even leaving your house for a workout, only to end up just grabbing a gym bag and going home. Not to mention, not all home gyms are created equal. A foam roller may feel good and work wonders for muscle recovery, but is it going to keep your heart rate up and your body in motion when you hit the circuit?

Why not try a combination of workout machines to achieve the best bodyweight, core, strength, and cardio workout possible?

Below are some of our favorite home workout equipment used on the go or at home, no equipment required. Outside of the options mentioned below, Fitgraded recommends buying a good barbell for your home gym and a good pair of adjustable dumbells.

Next up on our list of the best home exercise equipment for beginners is the TRX suspension trainer. Similar to its cousin, the weighted ladder, the TRX can work as a bodyweight exercise machine. However, this one can be used in many different ways.

Designed with TRX Tension Rope, it’s similar in many ways to a pull-up bar, except with a thinner rope that you’ll be using to pull yourself up and down. While the ropes are free to move within the tension channel, you will be tied to the machine, preventing you from falling over or having to push against something to pull yourself up and down.

If you’ve never tried a suspension trainer before, you may be unsure how to use one. If that’s the case, try this video tutorial, and it should get you up and running in no time.

Best beginner home workout equipment

1. Resistance Bands

If you want to start doing resistance training, then you can buy resistance bands. Resistance bands are flexible bands that are used for resistance training. Resistance bands provide resistance to a user who works out with it. When you use them, you’ll be able to do exercises such as lunges, squats, situps, pushups, and many others.

It’s basically a low impact way of exercising. However, you can do more than exercise with them. You can play around with them. By doing that, you can burn calories, build muscles, and get more fit.

2. Elliptical Machine

It is a stationary machine that helps you burn calories. It would help if you pushed a button to start exercising. It has several resistance levels. You also need to adjust the level to your liking. The machine has three different types of settings: low, medium, and high. You can use it to work out cardio.

3. Weight Loss Ball

Weight loss balls are used to help you lose weight. It is basically a ball filled with sand or clay. You can move around and toss the ball in different positions. The combination of walking and tossing the ball around helps burn calories.

4. TRX Training System

You can get a TRX training system for $150 or less. It’s a simple exercise system where you grab a strap and lay on the ground. The system works with your body weight. You are allowed to use it without a resistance band. Just grab the system and do your workout.

5. Barbells

Barbells are heavyweight training equipment. You can use them to lift heavyweights. Most barbells are adjustable. This means you can use a lighter or heavier weight to perform different exercises. It also helps to strengthen your muscles.