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Regular Features in Yoga & Health

Each month, Yoga & Health carries a mixture of major thought-provoking and informative articles on topics of interest to anyone wishing to explore yoga, meditation, mental and physical well-being and philosophies for living.

Whatever your current level of knowledge of …



Serves 4
Soup is a very healthy lunch idea and can be made quite quickly. Why not take some to work or school in a flask and eat it with a hunk of crusty bread? …


Vegetarian cuisine

This feature covers a wide variety of delicious recipes for vegetarian and vegan food.

The recipes are obtained from many different sources and build into a full reference library covering all occasions from quick snacks to formal meals.

The recipes …

The Column

Written by Sarah Mackintosh, The Column offers a wide range of advice and guidance on a number of important issues related to modern Yoga teaching methods. Aimed at both teachers and students, The Column is interactive.

Questions from readers are …

Ask Ruth

Ask Ruth is a monthly column by Ruth Gilmore PhD, covering Yoga-related medical sciences. Ruth was a full-time lecturer in Physiology, and then Anatomy, at Queen’s University, Belfast. She now lectures part-time at the university, to allow her to devote …


Each month, Thoughts… highlights ideas from some of the leading philosophers, poets and thinkers in Yoga and allied fields, as well as others who have simply contributed something that inspired them in some way. It is intended to make us …

Inception of Yoga & Health

One of the most important developments since the inception of Yoga & Health 37 years ago, occurred this month when Yoga & Health launched its first digital version of the magazine available from, where you will also find …

The functions of the organ systems

The following analysis of organ systems gives an indication of its role in oriental terms. Each organ system and its related meridian has a common abbreviation, which is given in brackets after the full name below.

Lungs (LG): take in …

gym equiment

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners

Even if you’re taking fitness to a whole new level, it’s never too early to start getting your home set up for exercise. There’s nothing worse than waking up, heading to the gym, or even leaving your house for a …

big and tall chairs

The Best Office Chairs For Big and Tall People With Back Pain

Office chairs can make or break your work day.Whether you’re a big-time CEO or a business owner, a manager or a pencil pusher, you probably spend most of your 8-hour workday sitting in your chair.

That’s apart from all the …

bike tours

Amazing Places to Bike in New Orleans: Bike Health Tours

new orleansAs an avid yoga enthusiast , I’ve spent hours biking throughout New Orleans.

Among the most essential upsides to spending much time around the bicycle is that I have figured out that roads are nice and bad for driving.

The …

personal training

Yoga And Health Mag Offers Personal Training Classes

Welcome to Private Personal Coaching in Chicago

Are you prepared for a change on your physical fitness regimen, attained a plateau not receiving results, or just prepared for a lifestyle change?

If you’re entirely frustrated with your weight loss?