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Vegetarian cuisine


Vegetarian cuisine

This feature covers a wide variety of delicious recipes for vegetarian and vegan food.

The recipes are obtained from many different sources and build into a full reference library covering all occasions from quick snacks to formal meals.

The recipes are likely to make even the most committed carnivore or omnivore think again, while the discerning vegetarian or vegan palate will rediscover just how good such food can taste.

Vegetarian Cuisine
in April features pav bhaji (leftover vegetables) and aloo tikki (fried potato cakes).
Recipes are provided courtesy of Maunika Gowardhan, who runs Starters and Spice, a bespoke Indian catering company.

Vegetarian cuisine 2004 – monthly recipes

January – healthy eating:
Pete’s porridge
carrot & coriander soup
lentil & buchwheat slice

February – low fat Indian vegetarian cookery:
Baby vegetable pilau
Goan coconut pancakes
Lassi (a mango-flavoured sweet yoghurt drink

March – Nettles:
nettle & sweet potato hash
spiced nettle soup
nettle & lime tisane

April – Cooking with tofu:
ginger stir fry
lemon tofu tartlets (vegan)

May – Martin Shaw recipes
aubergine boats
leek and almond tart
no-bake choccie biccie cake

June – Aubergines – a surprisingly super food:
aubergine parmigiana (Italian)
pasta with tomato sauce, aubergines and courgettes (Mediterranean)
Imam Bayildi (Turkish)
smoked aubergine puree (Middle Eastern)

September – stir fry recipes:
fusilli with tomato, basil & caramelised garlic
spanish omlette with parsley & olives.

October – a daily menopause cocktail,
a menopausal smoothie
Kathryn Marsden’s carrot cake (HRT recipe).

November – bread:
tomato and olive soda bread
pancetta, pepper and olive pizza
wholemeal cheese scones

December – Christmas recipes:
lebkuchen and gluhwein
Iman biyaldi
chestnut velouté
gluten-free Christmas cake
gluten-free mince tarts.

Vegetarian Cuisine 2005 – monthly recipes

January – Picture perfect weight loss diet:
Use of visual presentation of food comparisons. Taken From PICTURE PERFECT WEIGHT LOSS by Dr Howard M Shapiro, published by Rodale.

February – Top 100 immunity boosters:
Zesty lemon dressing
Quinoa pilaff
Black cumin spice tea.

March – Quick and healthy recipes:
Pasta primavera
Cheesy potato and rocket pancakes
Poached figs, apricots and cherries.

April – Asparagus:
Warm asparagus, rocket, pea and bean salad with lemon and mustard dressing
Tips for cooking British asparagus.vegetarian - risotto & butternut squash

May -National Vegetarian Week:
Jewel green rocket soup with parmesana potato polenta.
Smoked garlic & artichoke risotto and roasted butternut squash with lemon asparagus in a balsamic dressing.
Gingery fig & rhubarb filo flowers.

June – Hay fever:
Hay fever tonic
Fresh lemonade.

sweet potato, shallot and lemongrass
July – Ways with shallots:

Goat’s cheese and shallot marmalade bruschetta
Roasted sweet potato, shallot and lemongrass
Also, history and health properties of shallots.

August – super hot drinks:
Apple tea
Minted yoghurt.

September – low GI recipes:
Vegetarian sausages
Red pepper sauce
Oaty pancakes

October – vegetarian classics:
Curried parsnip pie
oatmeal and date brownies

November – flubusters:
Old English elderflower & peppermint tea
Beef borscht cocktail
Kashmir spicy tea.

December – Christmas special:
Parsnip & potato rosti with ‘cream cheese’ & cranberry
Mushrooms & artichoke en croute
Chocolate & brandy truffle torte.

Vegetarian cuisine 2006 – monthly recipes

January – detox:
reakfast scramble for one
Orange date scones
‘Creamy’ potato and leak soup
Cold & flu tea.
January recipes reproduced courtesy of THE GREAT AMERICAN DETOX DIET by Alex Jamieson, published by Rodale.

February – energy foods:
Pancake batter
Fruit and nut spiced pancake filling
Ratatouille with polenta cakes
Polenta cakes.
February recipes are reproduced courtesy of the book ENERGY FOODS published by Duncan Baird Publishers, available on special offer to readers of Yoga & Health magazine. Please see page 42 of the February 2006 edition for details.

March – tofu:
Fragrant tofu and noodle soup
Spicy tofu with sesame seeds and chinese five spice – low saturated fat.

April – Easter banquet:
Tuscan tomato bread pudding with peas and broad beans
Honey roast vegetables with cumin and fig couscous and olive sauce
Lavender yoghurt cheesecake with kaffir lime flavoured strawberries.
April recipes reproduced courtesy of PURE VEGETARIAN by Paul Gaylor, published by Kyle Cathie and available on special offer to readers of Yoga & Health. See page 44 of the April 2006 issue for detailsMay – From Alpha to omega – Omega 3-rich recipes:
Superbowl salad
Omega 3 vinaigrette dressing
Oriental Omega 3 dressing
Sumptuous spinach & smoky tofu salad
Easy-peasy chocolate mousse.
Recipes courtesy of Viva!

June – Anti-ageing foods:
Magnificent quick muesli
Green salad with miso vinaigrette
Artichoke pasta with lemon and capers
Carrot, orange & banana semolina cake.
These are reproduced courtesy of the book ANTI-AGEING COOKBOOK by Robyn Martin, published by Ebury Press, and available on SPECIAL OFFER to Yoga & Health readers. See page 44 of the June 2006 issue for details. Please note: not all recipes in this book are vege.

July – peas and beans:
Runner bean salad with roasted tomatoes
Ginger sesame dwarf beans
Pea and bean salad
Peas with little gem and spring onions.

August – The Great British Carrot:
Carrot and ginger soup with lemon herb cream
Carrot paneer and pea curry
Carrots roasted with parsnip, celeriac, lemons and coriander seeds Moroccan carrot purée with coriander and cumin.

September – recipes for youngsters:
Vegetarian express soup
Monster mushroom burger
Mixed chopped Middle East salad
Baked banana with chocolate dessert.

October – “Leeks, the healthy choice!”:
Leek and quorn stir fry with cashew
Curried leek and sweet potato soup
Balsamic salad of roasted leek and red pepper.
November – biodynamic food:
Red hot soup, containing red peppers, garlic, onions, leeks, celery red chilli rosemary, carrots, potatoes and chopped tomatoes.
Butternut squash and semolina gnocchi
Plum compote.
Recipes and illustrations reproduced courtesy of THE BIODYNAMIC FOOD AND COOKBOOK by Wendy Cook, Clairview Books and available on SPECIAL READER OFFER , see page 44 of the Yoga & Health magazine November 2006 issue.

December – ‘saints and sinners festive menu’:
Courgette Christmas candles (vegan).
Sin-free squash and pepper stacks (can be vegan or veggie vegan).
Beetroot and pomegranate halo soup (can be vegan).
Saintly stoved potatoes (vegan).
Angelic lemony leeks and sprouts.
Perfectly pious pannacotta (vegan).cipes are reproduced courtesy of the Vegetarian Society, and the Saints &

Vegetarian cuisine 2007 – monthly recipes

January – keen on food:
Winter-green and chick pea boreks
Roasted pumpkin tabouleh
Morrocan tajine sauce
Hazelnut butter
Date and apple spread
Coconut-cashew halva.

Adam Keen is a Yoga enthusiast and cook who tries to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into his everyday life.

February – low GI recipes:
Vietnamese rice-paper rolls
Vegetarian pad thai
Shiitake, ginger and tofu hokkien noodles.
February recipes are reproduced courtesy of the book LOW GI VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK by Dr Jenni Brand-Miller published by Hodder Mobius, available on special offer to readers of Yoga & Health magazine. Please see page 44 of the February 2007 issue for details.

March – Tenderstem broccoli:
Broccoli tempura with dipping sauces
Broccoli with dips
Broccoli with melting herb butter
Broccoli eggs benedict. The feature also outlines the history and ‘food facts’ about tenderstem broccoli.

April – Modern Ayurvedic Cooking:
Asparagus miso soup
Coconut vegetable tofu medley
Creamy extra dark chocolate fondue.
April recipes are extracted courtesy of the book THE MODERN AYURVEDIC COOKBOOK by Amrita Sondhi, Arsenal Pulp Press.

May – Eat up and pep up: recipes from Viva!
Ginger grapes
Mango fix
Avocado & Walnut toast with cherry tomatoes
Barley and mushroom risotto
Superbowl Quinoa salad; Omega-3 dressing
Raspberry & almond syllabub.

June – Recipes for summer:
Stuffed peppers
Mediterranean bean salad
Instant frozen yoghurt
Chocolate cheesecake.
Recipes by Fiona McDonald Joyce, Dip ION, m BANT.

July – Peas & beans:
Pasta salad with broad bean pesto, Minty broad bean dip and summer Bean, pea and feta salad.

August – The Gate Way:
Mahasha (slow cooked stuffed vegetables)
Watermelon and feta salad
Pressed chocolate and lavender torte
Ginger biscotti.
Recipes are courtesy of THE GATE EASY VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK by Adrian & Michael Daniel, published by Mitchell Beazley, with photography by Richard Jung. Available on SPECIAL OFFER to Yoga & Health readers. See page 45 of the August 2007 issue for details.

September – Party foods for kids:
Savoury and sweet treats
Sticky sausage and sweetcorn kebabs
Easy cheesy biscuits
Quick and easy bits and bobs
Home made hummus
Chocolate birthday cake.
Recipes courtesy of BIRTHDAY PARTY by Tracey Benton, Ziegel Publishing.

October – vital nutrients in Autumn. Recipes from Fiona McDonald Joyce:
Autumnal berries blitz (smoothie)
Sweet potato and butterbean soup
Warming beany bolognese
Plum crumble
Apple cobbler.
Fiona McDonald Joyce Dip.ION, mBANT is a nutritionist and cookery consultant who has written a number of bestselling books, including The Holford Low GL Diet Cookbook and Smart Foods for Smart Kids, co-authored with leading nutrition writer Patrick Holford and published by Piatkus.

November – pumpkins:
Pumpkin and pasta, served in the baked shell of the pumpkin.
Reproduced courtesy of the book VEGETARIAN: 200 CLASSIC RECIPES SHOWN STEP BY STEP by Roz Denny and published by Lorenz Books. Also available on SPECIAL OFFER to readers of Yoga & Health magazine. Please see page 45 of the November issue for full details. Copyright Anness Publishing Ltd.

December – Christmas fare:
Christmas squash
Roasted red pepper sauce
Tropical with peach and raspberry coulis